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From anti-inflammatory herbal treatments to essential oils, I help individuals feel better, heal faster, and experience more energy for life all through natural remedies.
I am affectionally known as “The Be Amazing Doc”. I help individuals and teams reframe their outlook in a way that will help them achieve breakthrough results.
Our thoughts and attitudes manifest into realities in our environment. My workshops teach proper breathing techniques, meditation, and stress reduction.
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Are you looking for a motivational speaker for your employees? When morale is low, producing high-level results can feel like an uphill battle. I teach teams how to solve conflict, reframe their mindset, and work together towards a common goal. Along with speaking, your team will receive signed copies of my book, "Be Amazing! Powerful Results Are Just A Leap Away!" as well as samples of natural products to help them start living their best life!


“Be Amazing!” will help you find the motivation and resilience to navigate life’s challenges while maintaining a positive, driven attitude. Learn to find yourself, heal yourself, and love yourself through mindfulness principles & positive energy. Click below to purchase your copy today!
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New Release!

Pulling it all together for a healthier you!

Feeling better and being successful is what it's all about. In "Pulling It All Together For A Healthier You!" Dr. Marilyn A. Scott shows you how to achieve optimum health and rekindle that delightful, energetic feeling. Isn't it time to start loving yourself again? 

Join us for the official book launch!
Location: The Silver Diner at Innsbrook
Day & Time: Friday, August 30th from 5:30 - 7:30 PM
"God designed the human body as a perfect operating machine. However, there are many imperfections that occur in the manufacturing process. In addition to the imperfections, there is always maintenance required for normal wear and tear. Thus, we have the Natural Products Industry, to help bring things back to the original design state."
– Ron Klein, Grandfather of Possibilities, Dr. Marilyn’s Strategic Advisor and Special Dad. 
Dr. Marilyn Scott
Founder, Motivation Speaker, and Published Writer
Dr. Marilyn has been a holistic healer for over 35 years. She is a graduate of the California College of Naturopathic Medicine as well as the Loomis Institute. She is also a Certified Natural Health Professional bringing natural healing modalities to the forefront. Her company, Healthy Living with Marilyn, is her new venture adding a special touch to natural healing.

Dr. Marilyn is also an author and International Professional Speaker on Natural Health Issues, Caregiving, and a Positive Outlook on life. Dr. Marilyn’s book, “Be Amazing! Positive Results are Just a Leap Away!” is available on Amazon. Her new book, “Pulling It All Together For A Healthier You!” will be available very soon. Her main goal is to enlighten people and show them how AMAZING They Actually Are!

She resides in Richmond, Virginia.
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