Archive of month: April 2021

Honey, How We Love Ya!

Dr. Marilyn Scott and her guest, Philip Day, talk about how honey, in its unpasteurized state, may strengthen your immune system and reduce allergy symptoms. And we answer the question, “Should you buy honey in the grocery store?” Stevia and Monk Fruit are also all-natural additives and foods that are excellent for your body and […]

My back is killing me: How you can beat inflammation the natural way!

Are you inflamed? Does your back hurt? Pains everywhere? Allergic reactions? Bloated? Marilyn and Philip discuss how inflammation causes us pain and how you need to listen to your body. Marilyn tells us about an herb that may help with that! You can find out more about her at Philip can be reached at […]

How to Make Linkedin Work for You (Part 2) with Linkedin Guru, Don Cohen

How do you find quality content to post on Linkedin? How do you know what will get lots of views and comments? Don and Marilyn have the answers for you. Use “Old School” and “New School” proven strategies and make Linkedin work for you 7/24/365!  Dr. Marilyn A. Scott can be found at  Don […]