Archive of month: May 2021

Guest Paul Crick: How to Elevate Yourself to the Next Level (Part 1)

Are you stressed? Anxious? Need a quick win? If you have just two minutes, Paul and Marilyn will tell you the “soft skills” to do it.  Marilyn and her guest, Paul Crick, international coach, consultant, educator, and trainer, know the small things you can do to lift others and yourself up. It’s the best twenty […]

The Miracle Spice: How Ginger may reduce inflammations

If you have a stuffy nose, runny nose, upper respiratory issues, or other inflammations, don’t reach for an OTC! Instead, get some ginger and treat your health issues the natural way. You’d be surprised how this spice may help you get over some of the common spring allergies. Join us for this educational and entertaining […]