Archive of month: June 2021

Guest Paul Crick: How to Elevate Yourself to the Next Level (Part 2)

How can you make yourself and other people feel better? Marilyn and Paul continue their conversation on elevating yourself and everyone in your life.  Find out how you can stop overthinking and live in the now. Marilyn also tells the story of the appointment with the allergist and how it changed her life for the […]

Shed Those Emotions, Part 2 with guest, Ipek Williamson, Insight Coach

Have you been weighed down by emotions stemming from your childhood? These suppressed emotions create problems with us later in life. Yet, there can be healing. Special guest, Ipek Williamson, Insight Coach, discusses how you can let go of those emotions through stories and life experiences. This will be an enlightening and encouraging time for […]

The Fine Art of Tagging on Linkedin with Donald Cohen, Linkedin Guru

Have you ever wondered how to get more people to comment on your Linkedin postings? Are your connections just scrolling by your content?  Marilyn and her special guest, Donald Cohen, Linkedin guru, tell you how to tag. What are the keys to increasing your connections and your engagement? Find out in this informative and educational […]

Apis: How it saved Marilyn's life and may help yours!

Have you ever heard of Apis? It’s an effective homeopathic remedy that saved Marilyn’s life! Hear her story about a bee sting allergic reaction that almost killed her and how Apis was the cure! Join Dr. Marilyn A. Scott and her guest, Philip Day, for an informative and entertaining discussion on this remedy. Plus, if […]