No Need to Be Absolute with guest, Håkon Rian Ueland (Part 2)

Where does your problem reside? There are so many layers within the problem. Marilyn’s guest, Håkon Rian Ueland, Goodwill Ambassador, and Life Coach, continue their discussion on healing.

There is no need to be absolute. Humans are capable of change. He and Marilyn talk about how people have gotten to the problem, not about just taking a pill. You have to take it one moment at a time. 

The good news is that there is hope for you or someone you know. Marilyn tells an ironic story about a doctor’s appointment and the wrong diagnosis that she received and how her son taught her an important lesson.   

Håkon Rian Ueland is found at his Linkedin page: Dr. Marilyn A. Scott is available at her website

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