Faith, Hope and Love with special guest, Laurie Haluza

“Faith, Hope, and Love” are more than just nice words-they are a lifestyle. 

Marilyn and her guest, Laurie Haluza, talk about how their faith in Christ has not only changed them but how belief in Jesus Christ, gives them hope and encourages them, especially through the difficult and tumultuous times. They ask the big, important question: Why should people become a Christian?

What is the easiest way to start in becoming a Christian? What do you do if you have a bad experience at a church and are reluctant to go to a church, again? Marilyn tells about being one of the “Frozen Chosen.”

Marilyn tells of how she could be more like Job in the Bible. They tell of the journey that all Christians go through. Christians are being persecuted everywhere, even in the United States. 

Just remember: You are never alone. 

Marilyn and Laurie delve deeply into the Bible, social media, friendships, technology, love, masks, and more. Please join us!

You can reach Laurie Haluza at Dr. Marilyn A. Scott can be connected to her LinkedIn account or visit her website.


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