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Do Something with Your Hands with guest, Chantelle Bravo (Part 2)

Be creative. It is time for people who are stressed to be creative and to do things that expand their minds. Marilyn and her guest, Chantelle Bravo, continue their discussion on being an entrepreneur and her business. Crafting can be therapeutic and it gets you away from the laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Working on an […]

Time to Detoxify Your Body with guest, Chantelle Bravo (Part 1)

Is your body feeling weak, listless, run-down? Perhaps, now is the time for a detox. Marilyn talks about cleansing our bodies with her guest, Chantelle Bravo, Founder of Faith and Friendship Creations. Chantelle is a new entrepreneur who wants people to go green and go natural!  You can find Chantelle on her LinkedIn account. Dr. […]

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (Part 2) with guest, Candice Suarez

Marilyn and Candice discuss trauma and how so many teens and adults are on the edge of trauma, on a daily basis. Candice tells us about her career counseling with high school teens. More friendly (and fun) ways to escape your comfort zone.   It’s another fast twenty minutes but an informative one that you […]

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Interview with Candice Suarez (Part 1)

The Comfort Zone. It feels so good to visit but you don’t want to live there. Marilyn and her guest, Candice Suarez, a life transition coach for high school students and adults contemplating their next steps, talk about how you can get out of the stultifying and unchallenging comfort zone and meet the challenges of […]

Get Rid of the Bear that is Chasing You! How to Meditate (Part 2)

Anxiety, fear, and stress close doors. Marilyn and Philip help you open those doors. Once you get rid of the “bear that is chasing you,” you can focus. They continue their discussion on meditation. Find creative ways to open and clear your mind of anxiety, fear, and stress. Marilyn has one really unusual way to […]

No Need to Be Absolute with guest, Håkon Rian Ueland (Part 2)

Where does your problem reside? There are so many layers within the problem. Marilyn’s guest, Håkon Rian Ueland, Goodwill Ambassador, and Life Coach, continue their discussion on healing. There is no need to be absolute. Humans are capable of change. He and Marilyn talk about how people have gotten to the problem, not about just […]

“Listen to the Silence” with guest, Håkon Rian Ueland (Part 1)

The pandemic caused major mental health issues in every part of the world. Marilyn’s guest, Håkon Rian Ueland, Goodwill Ambassador, and Life Coach, wanted to help in the healing of that. They talk about “Earth House” and systemic abuse where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.  Håkon looks for problems in Norway and […]