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It's All in the Mind with guest, Iryna Horyacheva

Women have a lot of stress with children, careers, Covid, and aging.  There are times that we have to take time out for ourselves. It may mean just taking a nap in the middle of the day to walking the dog after dinner. We need to self-care. Learn to up your game and get active. […]

Faith, Hope and Love with special guest, Laurie Haluza

“Faith, Hope, and Love” are more than just nice words-they are a lifestyle.  Marilyn and her guest, Laurie Haluza, talk about how their faith in Christ has not only changed them but how belief in Jesus Christ, gives them hope and encourages them, especially through the difficult and tumultuous times. They ask the big, important […]

Do Something with Your Hands with guest, Chantelle Bravo (Part 2)

Be creative. It is time for people who are stressed to be creative and to do things that expand their minds. Marilyn and her guest, Chantelle Bravo, continue their discussion on being an entrepreneur and her business. Crafting can be therapeutic and it gets you away from the laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Working on an […]

Time to Detoxify Your Body with guest, Chantelle Bravo (Part 1)

Is your body feeling weak, listless, run-down? Perhaps, now is the time for a detox. Marilyn talks about cleansing our bodies with her guest, Chantelle Bravo, Founder of Faith and Friendship Creations. Chantelle is a new entrepreneur who wants people to go green and go natural!  You can find Chantelle on her LinkedIn account. Dr. […]

No Need to Be Absolute with guest, Håkon Rian Ueland (Part 2)

Where does your problem reside? There are so many layers within the problem. Marilyn’s guest, Håkon Rian Ueland, Goodwill Ambassador, and Life Coach, continue their discussion on healing. There is no need to be absolute. Humans are capable of change. He and Marilyn talk about how people have gotten to the problem, not about just […]

“Listen to the Silence” with guest, Håkon Rian Ueland (Part 1)

The pandemic caused major mental health issues in every part of the world. Marilyn’s guest, Håkon Rian Ueland, Goodwill Ambassador, and Life Coach, wanted to help in the healing of that. They talk about “Earth House” and systemic abuse where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.  Håkon looks for problems in Norway and […]

Shed Those Emotions, Part 2 with guest, Ipek Williamson, Insight Coach

Have you been weighed down by emotions stemming from your childhood? These suppressed emotions create problems with us later in life. Yet, there can be healing. Special guest, Ipek Williamson, Insight Coach, discusses how you can let go of those emotions through stories and life experiences. This will be an enlightening and encouraging time for […]

The Fine Art of Tagging on Linkedin with Donald Cohen, Linkedin Guru

Have you ever wondered how to get more people to comment on your Linkedin postings? Are your connections just scrolling by your content?  Marilyn and her special guest, Donald Cohen, Linkedin guru, tell you how to tag. What are the keys to increasing your connections and your engagement? Find out in this informative and educational […]

Apis: How it saved Marilyn's life and may help yours!

Have you ever heard of Apis? It’s an effective homeopathic remedy that saved Marilyn’s life! Hear her story about a bee sting allergic reaction that almost killed her and how Apis was the cure! Join Dr. Marilyn A. Scott and her guest, Philip Day, for an informative and entertaining discussion on this remedy. Plus, if […]

The Miracle Spice: How Ginger may reduce inflammations

If you have a stuffy nose, runny nose, upper respiratory issues, or other inflammations, don’t reach for an OTC! Instead, get some ginger and treat your health issues the natural way. You’d be surprised how this spice may help you get over some of the common spring allergies. Join us for this educational and entertaining […]

Honey, How We Love Ya!

Dr. Marilyn Scott and her guest, Philip Day, talk about how honey, in its unpasteurized state, may strengthen your immune system and reduce allergy symptoms. And we answer the question, “Should you buy honey in the grocery store?” Stevia and Monk Fruit are also all-natural additives and foods that are excellent for your body and […]

My back is killing me: How you can beat inflammation the natural way!

Are you inflamed? Does your back hurt? Pains everywhere? Allergic reactions? Bloated? Marilyn and Philip discuss how inflammation causes us pain and how you need to listen to your body. Marilyn tells us about an herb that may help with that! You can find out more about her at www.healthylivingwithmarilyn.com. Philip can be reached at […]

Marilyn and Ipek: How to find your own intuition.

Marilyn has a special guest, international insight coach, Ipek Williamson. They tell you how you have your own intuition. Ipek says, “Life takes us to places that we don’t expect to end up, but always with a purpose.” Find Dr. Marilyn A. Scott at www.healthylivingwithmarilyn.com. Ipek Williamson can be found at www.ipekwilliamsoncoaching.com.

Sugar is a Drug: But there are great sweetener alternatives!

Marilyn Scott, and her guest, Philip Day, talk about how sugar is in everything! You can eat the foods you love without sugar cane. Join us for ways to eat healthy without all the white stuff. Dr. Marilyn A. Scott can be found at www.healthylivingwithmarilyn.com. Philip Day’s company is at  https://www.philipdaycommunications.com/.

Bone Broth: It's not just for cooking!

Bone Broth is a base for many soups and stews. But did you know that it is also a cure-all for many health issues? Marilyn tells a fascinating story about bone broth helped her heal from a devastating arm injury. This home remedy is amazing.

You Can Do That with Baking Soda?

Marilyn Scott and her guest, Philip Day, talk about all the benefits of baking soda, including some you may have never heard of. And, stay tuned for the revelation about scented trash bags! You will not believe your ears. Who would have thought that baking soda and trash bags would be this entertaining? 

More healing from the Kitchen: Lemons and Tea

Dr. Marilyn A. Scott (www.healthylivingwithmarilyn.com) and her guest, Philip Day (www.philipdaycommunications.com) talk about healthy living through natural foods found in the kitchen. Lemons and tea, and not always together, can be a delicious and healthy way to care for the body, at any age. Join us for just our second podcast episode!